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Boarding Terms & Conditions


The Fine print

When boarding a pet with us the pet owner agrees:

  1. To release Paws, Claws & Beaks Retreat, it proprietors, employees, or agents from liability for illness, injury, loss, death or damage of any kind whatsoever, while at Paws, Claws & Beaks Retreat or during transportation.
  2. That in the event of serious illness or accident, and the owners cannot be contacted, the veterinarian's decision relating to the treatment of the pet will be final, and the owner is liable for all costs and related expenses.
  3. To pay, in full, before the pet leaves, all boarding expenses, charges for special service requests, and all veterinary expenses incurred during the pet's stay at Paws, Claws & Beaks Retreat.
  4. Boarding rates are charged on a calendar day basis, irrespective of the time of admission or departure, and does not include special service requests. Pick up before 10:00 am does not incur the daily charge.
  5. That if the pet is not collected within 10 days after the departure date shown above, without notification of change of departure date, it maybe sold or re-homed at the discretion of the proprietors of Paws, Claws and Beaks Retreat.
  6. That the proprietors of Paws, Claws & Beaks Retreat reserve the right to refuse to board any pet on the date of arrival at Paws, Claws & Beaks Retreat, for any reason they deem necessary.

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All text, artwork and the Paws Claws and Beaks logo are wholey owned by Paws Claws and Beaks Retreat and are not to be reproduced or reused by any other person and or company, other than those given permission by Paws Claws and Beaks Retreat.

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